Easter Box

x1 Fairy Fernon (Fire)
x1 Fairy Fernon (Water)
x1 Fairy Fernon (Light)
x1 Fairy Fernon (Shadow)

x1 Onyx Wings
x1 Archangel Wings

x1 Archdeamon Wing
x1 Blazing Fire Wing
x1 Frosty Ice Wing
x1 Steampunk Chronoblade
x1 Steampunk Clockwork Bow
x1 Steampunk Geared Wand
x1 Erenia's Crafted Horn
x1 Rare Spiky Hairstyle
x1 Spiky Hairstyle
x1 Wig
x1 Colorful wig
x10 Dye Bomb
x5 Flame Crystal
x10 Flame Crystal
x50 Angel's Feather
x99 Angel's Feather
x50 Full Moon Crystal
x99 Full Moon Crystal
x10 Rainbow pearl
x20 Rainbow pearl
x1 Legendary Medal of Honour
x2 Legendary Medal of Honour
x1 Mysterious Medal of Honour
x2 Mysterious Medal of Honour
x1 Ancient Medal of Honour
x2 Ancient Medal of Honour

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