Happy Birthday NosNistro

Written 1 year ago

To make me forgive that in these days I have done a few events ...
The end of the "Happy Birthday NosNistro" event will be postponed to tomorrow.
So it will last 24 hours longer.

EXP X2         GOLD X2         30% NISTROCOIN BONUS

Written 1 year ago

After many hours of work is ready!

If you log in every day in our website and visit this page you can get a random fantastic prize!
Prizes are given randomly from the list. Your prize will get better and better if you log in every day.
If you forgot to visit this page one day, you'll restart from the first prize pack.

You will get one random prize from the box highlighted with green color.

Written 1 year ago

-Now the max Slot is 9999!

-Now u can use all perfection in 2 seconds!

-Now the Cupid Arrow is disponible in ItemShop (Marry ur Partner for 750NistroCoin)

Price lowered!


Summer Event

Written 1 year ago

Summer has now arrived and even here in the world of NosNistro it's time to celebrate.
Engage with your team in the summer raid, defeat the Bad Captain and find fantastic items.

Find your Pirate SP. Good luck and Happy Holidays.


New Fix

Written 2 years ago

-Fix Invisible
-Fix Healing over Time
-Add act 1
-Add act 2
-Add act 3
-Add new graphic interface
-Add new skill bar

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