Written 7 months ago


- New Resistance Craftable in NistroVille Act 3 (10% Global)

-New Resistance in ItemShop Section -> Resistance

- Change the Fernon Resistance %

-New NPC in NistroVille Act 3 "NosNistro-Faction"


Written 1 year ago

Easter has arrived and also in the World of NosNistro it's time to celebrate! Greetings from the whole team!
For 2 weeks you can drop eggs from all the monsters and then you can try your luck at the village of Act 1! Good luck!
In addition there will be the possibility of receiving 200% NistroCoins Bonus! Take advantage!

Written 1 year ago

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Only for today NistroCoins X2 for all the lovers of NosNistro!

Written 1 year ago

The Magic of Christmas has arrived here in the world of NosNistro and it's time to celebrate.
Engage with your team in the Winter raid, defeat the Evil Rudolf
and Find Fantastic Items.
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the staff.

Written 1 year ago

As every month on the 16th we will celebrate the mesiversary of NosNistro!
For the 8th mesiversary there will be the following Events:

50% NistroCoins Bonus in ItemShop

Gold x2 and Exp x2
2 Automatic Event Every Hour

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